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September 15, 2007

Date-Challenged Ho

For the first time in … (thinks hard, comes up empty) … ages, I am going on a date! 

Yeah (looking smug and victorious)!

Some guy thinks I am pretty, sexy and cool (licking lips oh so seductively) and has invited me on a thingamajig. 

Problem (lip licking suddenly seeming gross and pointless): I don’t know what to say to him.  I can write it down for him if he wants, but the words just won’t come out of my mouth. 

Thankfully (seeing a light at the end of the tunnel), I just stocked up on new Wonder Bra.  I’m hoping my cleavage and new Shape Your Ass jeans will distract him. 

Oh well (turns out the light was a bus heading toward me at full speed) …




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