Life through a Pinhole

No deep philosophical discussions today (not that I have had any this century).  Today I’m just asking why. 

Why are millions of Ugandans still living in abject poverty when an increasing number of people in the country can afford a brand new set of wheels and personalized number plates every year?



Why does Kampala only look good in the rain and in the dark? 






Why was Karim Hirji given an obscene amount of money by Government to complete his hotel in time for the November Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting when it was obvious he was incapable of doing the job? 




Why is there never a satisfactory answer to the question why?

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22 Responses to “Life through a Pinhole”

  1. Because some things just are and no amount of questioning why is ever going to change them. You must do, not question. That is how changes come about. By doing, not pondering.

  2. tumwi..r u sure this isnt deeply philosophical?

    niiice…that is how changes come doing, not pondering.. ((hurries off to spread words of wisdom)))

  3. The city at night and after the rain: “There is a beauty, narcotic and deciduous, in this vast organism that has grown out of us.”

  4. Everyones entitled to their opinion.

  5. Baz, did you see that bar in the pix where we used to chill??

  6. You raise pertinent questions. I have nuggu for Karim’s hotel too. And he ate into the road reserve.

  7. Because for just just. :-)

    Nice shots. I’m pale with envy.

  8. looks like, along with Coca-Cola and the xbox, the U.S. is also exporting its American Dream. people can’t feed their children, but they own a flat-screen tv and a Hummer. where does it end? hell, where did it begin?

  9. I don’t know why. But at least I could say it all (this ‘wanabe-ness’ like owning of cars before putting up your own house, etc) began with the departure of Asians from Uganda.

  10. Wanted to leave a comment on your blog, though left one on mine too… thanking you for the kind words on my photos. I didn’t even know you read my blog, but I read yours all the time. Really like it. Going to link to it in my next Global Voices entry (when I get around to doing that…). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks! SL/GG

  11. city looking good for CHOGM

  12. Great question! It’s so, because most of our ‘leaders’ (are they trully leaders?) simply ‘lead’ and have power just for power’s sake. Most parts have greatly improved since the 2nd World War. But not Africa.

    40 years ago: Malaysia, Thailand and most of the South-East Asian countries, and the Persian Gulf countries were way behind East Africa – and yet, now, with all the resources that we have, East Africa is right down there among the poorest countries of the world. Consider Malaysia or Thailand or the UAE now and compare to East Africa! Even Angola, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria, with all the wealth that they have, are still sown there in the World’s economic ladder.

  13. I know am off topic but this makes me miss Uganda so

  14. Hi, recently you posted on my blog, I just wanted to say hello and say that I really like your blog also… I am always looking for what specifically I can do to help your country, so any advice from you is always welcome.

  15. Because.
    But really, I miss Uganda now. Your pictures are stunning. I tried posting a comment on an earlier post of yours swooning over your blog but our computers had some sort of shut down so it didn’t get posted. But then again I’m already swooning here.
    Not patriotic? How many Ugandans do you know bother to find out who the Baha’i Temple architect is? Or the name of the City Square Independence thingy sculptor? Patriotism comes in different forms and you’re up there with the best of them girl so accept it.

  16. The best response to the question of “WHY?” is “JUST!” Govt gave Karim the dime just for just!!!

    Naye, the pics make Kampala look hot… Let’s try Mityana!!!

  17. Why are you so harsh to Karim. he is doing well for the country, he is developing it for our sake. u should stop hatin.

  18. what are you talking about the project was finished in time.
    and thankfull CHOGM was able to be held in kla. thanks to the investors and hard work put in by the capable pple of society.

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