So Near Yet So Far

I was born in the same year as – 

Drew Barrymore; Eva Longoria; Fergie; Anouk; David Beckham; Enrique Iglesias; Angelina Jolie; Tobey Maguire; 50 Cent; Charlieze Theron; Kate Winslet; Mila Jovovich; Tiger Woods; Mekhi Phifer; Andre 3000; Casey Affleck; Bradley Cooper; Kimora Lee Simmons; Larenz Tate; Zach Braff; Scary Spice; Natalie Imbruglia; Jamie Oliver; Li’l Kim; … 

One topped People’s 2007 Most Beautiful People list and another is a major sports/sex god.  One is the sexiest humanitarian worker alive and another earns more money for each tee off than I will for the rest of my life.  One is an internationally famed naked chef and another rhymes and curses for a living.  They are rich and young and famous and know how to kick vampire ass. 

And I … 

… I can’t raise money for next month’s rent.


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4 Comments to “So Near Yet So Far”

  1. Oh, cummon.

    Maybe we don’t go around making a confessional out of every street corner, but … you are some sex goddess in some people’s … minds.
    At least you put The Eye right in the middle. Makes them all look like the humble side-kicks. :-D

    Since I’ve had enough, I am going to do my own list of 2007’s Most-Beautiful Real People. Guess who tops. Me. And who comes last? You. :-D When it’s inverted, that is.

    Plus … of all those I know only a handful. And I wouldn’t give a shit about plastic breasts a few handspans below a head that can’t spell `neighbour’ right, trust me. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday! :D

    Did I get it right? ;;)

  3. Hey, kid. You forgot someone.

  4. 27 – Your paycheck is in the mail.

    Iwaya – No, not my birthday, but won’t reject a gift :-)

    Baz – Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

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