Saying Nothing, Going Nowhere

I don’t know why I’m cooped up at home every weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to go when I could very easily become this kind of fanatic. 



Sign posts in Kampala elicit extreme emotions from me.  I can’t decide whether to laugh my head off or pull out my tongue with pliers.



If you look really hard, some animals look more human than humans.


There is something depressingly hopeful about abandoned slippers and a deserted road.  It’s the knowledge that chaos, abuse and nothingness blogs eventually come to an end.  



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8 Comments to “Saying Nothing, Going Nowhere”

  1. What are you trying to say?

  2. Hehehehe

    i took a close look at that goat Tumwi…

    oh, computerised disco for hire!!

    now i see what happens when you carry a camera a lot of the time.

  3. sign posts around the city make my day!!! says a lot about what people want thought about them…good stuff just!

  4. I swear, that goat winked at me!!!!

  5. the sapatu’s are award winning, READY FOR CHOGM!

  6. I was about to take the next flight to london but eh that fanatical is just 500 shs away i bet. of sign posts!!!

  7. that goat resembles some one i know, let me see…ahh,sematooke? no,….yes its him. must be related to him or some…

    am envious of yo camera.

  8. you really take great pics – and funny too. Loved the goat and sapatus.

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