Accountability, Sino-maddness and Looking for 27th

“This is why we pay ‘em the big bucks.”




It’s a shame Uganda doesn’t yet have an Equality Commission because I really want to sue someone for age discrimination.


This is why it is true that you don’t need to know English to be a highly successful professional in Uganda. 


A new council-NGO-money-making thingy in Uganda?  Yay perhaps, but what the *&^*?!  



Where is that dastardly communist when you really need him?

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6 Comments to “Accountability, Sino-maddness and Looking for 27th”

  1. i actually saw that japenese/chinese/oriental advertisement and went like huh????????? but then again i suspect there’s actually a large portion of our community will understand it (NOT)

    darn! u beat me! wanted to bring up the 20-30yr old thing… is the bigggest incentive the “free eats and drinks”…they didnt offer the Tshirts thoug, darn! i mean the money is the bottom of the add..shdnt that’ve been the start point???? but then again, tell a Ugandan they will get a T and food and they will be there!!!!!!
    think twld b interesting to see how this goes down though…anyone with the inside track, hook me up! must atteend as a “facillitator” :D

  2. With those SMS thingies, one ought to be careful. You might be paying for your food and drinks unknowingly. Check ya credit after you send the SMS.

  3. Heh heh. Wantad Want Ad. Giggles and chuckles then guffaws.

    Also, Chinglish comes to Uganda? Sweet.

    Integrity towards humanity? Succumbing to lols.

  4. chuckles a-plenty. Let me translate: the chinese in Uganda with some Ugandans who love them have formed an association and Madam Fang Minh is the president (I read the whole thing).

    Who is ‘Minimum Supervision’ and is he a nice person to work under?!

  5. @Baz…
    You killing me!
    Chinglish… LOL!!

    cheers for throwing these up!


    Oh and yeah, Tandra, the 20th is in a few weeks…

    so, start er,being dynamic


  6. Aaaargh! My eyes! My eyes!

    Isn’t the ad thing sexist? Supposing I’m a guy and I wantses this job? Eh, my preciousss?

    Numbers?! There are numbers on this thing?

    I still hold that if anyone gets sucked into a get rich quick scheme and their bank account is emptied because of it, they deserve what they got and more. Sheesh!

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