Real Beauty, Real Heroes

((You know you’ve hit blog nirvana when you are called a ‘hater’.))

I’m on my way out of Bundibugyo.  The only reason I am returning to Krazy Kampala is that I ran out of money yesterday and my stupid pride won’t allow me to live on charity for more than one day.

I leave Bundibugyo at a loss for words on the Ebola epidemic.

What can I say about a people so poor and yet so brave; so frail and yet so strong?  What can I say about the medics, who despite their limited experience and the absence of equipment fought to contain a disease that baffled even the greatest among them?  What can I say about the more than 100 local volunteers, who receiving nothing but a small lunch allowance, traverse the mountains of this remote district to educate the population about Ebola, report new cases and struggle through the rough terrain to bring the sick to hospital?

What can I say about the Real Heroes … 






… and the Real Beauty of the magnificent desolate Bundibugyo?  


Sempaya Hot Springs



Semliki River Valley (on the other side of the river is the DRC)

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13 Comments to “Real Beauty, Real Heroes”

  1. Did you find a path to DRC without soldiers? I have a plan, how we can a few dimes..Such people remind me of the goodness of humanity in the dusty pearl! Then we honour gun-totting cowards who never did fight…MSIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU(that be me jeering)

  2. Bravo Tumwi for bringing up the undiluted truth through your blog!
    I hope these newspaper guys style up pretty soon!

  3. I can’t say I am sad to see you leave but I have to say that I am very proud of what you have done. You are a brave person who makes me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N. (Totally ripped that off Oprah)
    P.S. Are there no ATMs in Bundibugyo?

  4. This just reminds you that in the midst of pain and suffering, there’s always something good to talk about, see, experience.

  5. Now this is what journaling is all about. You go girl!

    As with so many issues the world over, I think popular news tends to forget that there are people behind the stories and actual real live heroes!

    Thank you for giving Bundi a face.

  6. the way you’ve written this is impeccably beautiful, i gotta give it to you :) Ebola, when my sisy told me and I also read it on the news it’s just such an epidemic. Mad props to the braves ones, those volunteers, it takes special people and people as such humble me :)

  7. Will be good to have you back. Don’t feel bad if people start dodging you for fear of contracting Ebola.

  8. Deep Tumwi..

    LOL @ Minty… Dodging you

    Oh, them Sempaya Hott Springs, thanks for posting that pic…
    And the view must have really humbled you!!

    The whole experience was humbling huh

  9. in other developments…

    there’s a signpost on the right side of your page saying you are a champion bikini mud wrestler…

    I just thought i’d say it out… ok write it out

  10. Couldn’t imagine how would a better writer of skill would write.

  11. Weebale nyo nyo! Your blog is amazing, I love it! I wish you had a profile so I can learn more about you. I’m an american studying journalism at city university of new york, and was studying at makerere the previous semester. Haven’t been able to get uganda off my mind ever since. I love this blog and your work, and think you’re much more effective than most of the journalists out there!
    Heading back to kampala on december 30th for a few weeks to look for summer internships and see some close friends. I am sure I will be reading your blog religiously!

    Gratitude and blessings!

  12. Tumwi, u’re brave! I commend u for this and I hope others can look up to u…esp them journalists.

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