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May 6, 2008

Amakula: War, Peace & Dance

First, three things –

  1. I love My Machrine
  2. At 33 years, I am ashamed that I still don’t know enough about my country
  3. I love music teachers


Then – Amakula Kampala is still on.  Tomorrow, films will focus on cinema from Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique and South Africa.  If you are interested in the filmmaking process, the Congress on East African Cinema will be discussing “The filmmaker and his/her audience” and “Reaching the local audience with a local product.”  There will also be a special presentation by Ogova Ondego, the director of Art Matters, Kenya.


Explaining the three things –

May 6, 2008

Been Blurfing

It’s strange, but true … maybe …


Al Arabiya news channel reports of Tunisian woman who was was raped during a telephone conversation with a man.


The 30-year-old man said he never touched the young woman. But he acknowledged he heard her scream while they were “totally into” an erotic telephone conversation.  On examination it was determined that the woman, 20, was no longer a virgin.


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