Ish and Mush

There’s nothing like a conversation with a six-year-old to make you realize that you know nothing about the world. 


Here’s a selection of the 100 questions that my nephew Jotham asked me over the weekend.

  1. What are forks for?
  2. Why are we allowed to play in sand, but we can’t play in mud?
  3. Why do baby fish die?
  4. Why is all grass green, but flowers are so many different colors?
  5. What are cockroaches for?
  6. Why are girls allowed to grow their hair and wear beads, but boys are forced to cut off theirs?
  7. When I grow up, why can’t I marry Aunty Fiona?  (Aunty Fiona’s my sister-in-law)

This is what his four-year-old brother Jeffrey answered. 

  1. Forks are for eating chips if your hands are dirty.
  2. Me, I play in mud, but it makes mommy angry.
  3. Baby fish die so that baby people can eat them.
  4. God is the one who chooses the color of crayons for painting the flowers.
  5. I hate cockroaches.
  6. Uncle Paul has long hair and he’s not a girl.
  7. Eeh, you boy.  I said I wanted to marry Aunty Fiona before you.  Eeh you boy, you can cheat!

I had a blast with the boys in Kalangala last weekend.  When I think about them leaving next month, something inside me breaks.


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12 Comments to “Ish and Mush”

  1. Lol…Aunty Fiona must be so lovely…giving him sweets and chocs.

    Lol..the answer to forks? Only Chips..?

    Bambi these kids already know about God…I’m proud. My cousin dunno much about religion and she’s 5.

    Lol uncle Paul is a rasta.

    Nice pic Tumwi.

    Where are tho boys going?

  2. wow.. i want me two of these!

  3. You remember how crazy Paul got with marriage after he was a page boy for Uncle Patrick and Aunt Monica.

    Bambi they are so cute. It’s wonderful.

  4. just the stress relief I needed:)

  5. Beautiful picture… but where are the boys going that is breaking your heart?

  6. aawww babies! i think am getting broody ;)

  7. Niiice! And the picture illustrates so well; it’s a big big world and we are just little people trying to find answers as we walk this road.
    At least you gave them a memorable going away present in that trip.

  8. Uncle Paul still has long hair? I need to give hima good talk one of these days.

  9. aren’t you lucky you did not have to answer those questions?!

    love the header!!

  10. Wow!
    You’re such a wonderful senga.
    The boys will miss you so.
    My reaction to the pix of the boys confirms what my parents knew nearly 50 years ago–(Abaana) Banura!

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