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August 19, 2008

Believing a Lie

“One World, One Dream” is the slogan of the ongoing Beijing Olympics.  What a farce!


Consider for a moment that the Olympics were not about winning.


What if athletes were not awarded for their victories?  What if the Olympics were just a large sports celebration where those who came first were as important as those who came last?  What if Uganda’s Gilbert Kaburu was considered as great an Olympian as Michael Phelps, despite Phelps winning 8 gold medals and Kaburu not even a wooden plaque?  What if everybody went home with gold medals and they were all received on the streets of their cities with the same parades of praise? 


The truth is the Olympics are merely a large-scale manifestation of what humanity really is: a selfish, egocentric race.


There is no equality in the Olympics.  There is no unity.  So why are we so bent on believing the lie?


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