Oh, Uganda!

Last evening, inspired by this post by the Scarlett Lion, I asked the ladies in my volunteer women’s group to give me one word to describe various regions of the country.  I was appalled by the ignorance of the group of educated women and the persistent stereotypes about people outside their own towns, tribes and ethnic groups.


This morning, I repeated the same exercise with my workmates.  I am ashamed to say, the results were the same.


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11 Responses to “Oh, Uganda!”

  1. hehe. that’s not better than the map of africa on some blog i saw that divides Africa into such generalities as oil in the north, Mandela in the south and Tigers in the rest of Africa.

  2. @Even Steven – that was my blog, and Tumwi linked to it here, but you are right that this is better, and

    @Tumwi, this is SO HILARIOUS! And, I’m in admiration of your computer skills to be able to make such a graphic :). Also, I like how matooke and elephants *almost* overlap.

  3. Steve that is funny i hear tigers ok let me do mine… how would u divide you map Tumwi?

  4. Well… I don’t find this funny. At all.

    Maybe it’s because of the way that our “innocuous” stereotyping somehow turned into murderous bloodshed, or maybe it’s the casual, throw-away confidence with which people utter these “truisms.”

    I don’t know. I find it disturbing.

  5. I also find this very disturbing. Maybe it’s my myopic thinking. Forgive my sense of humor, it’s still asleep.

  6. One can only imagine the border skirmishes that take place between gorilla territory and cow country.

  7. All that matooke? Where are the sweet potatoes at? And why is my region unmarked? Mbu “the rest”! Shya! If it wasn’t so funny I might be offended.

  8. @Be Silent, bambi it’s nothing special. MS Paint.

  9. one truth is missing – twateera embundu and the attendant twatungas!

  10. Hehehehe
    not too shabby Tumwi
    Mbu cows!!


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