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September 12, 2008

Kwanjula, Blogging and Wishy Washy Me

Introducing two blogs on art in Uganda …


African Colors


Aiko Graphics


Kibuuka Blog


Neither Kibuuka nor Aiko have updated their blogs in a while.  If you are interested in news and commentary on the Ugandan art scene give him a shout and encourage them to return to the blogosphere.


Thanks :-)


P.S: Has anyone been to the Nagenda Art School since it was opened in May?  Thoughts?


P.P.S: Did you see the World Vision photo exhibition on Northern Uganda at the Garden City last week?  What did you think?  The pictures were taken by James Akena, who has exhibited photos on Northern Uganda in the past, some of them exhibited at the UN General Assembly Visitor’s Lobby .


P.P.P.S:  Photo exhibitions on Northern Uganda: art, activism or atrocious?


It appears that if you want to sell anything – a book, a song, a film, T-shirts, your art, go to Northern Uganda.  Uganda and the world certainly need to know more about the impact of the war in the north and I’m not in anyway downplaying the absolutely devastating human disaster there, but …


I don’t really know what I am saying.  Having participated in the organization of a photo exhibition on Northern Uganda, I’m conflicted about attempts to make money or some sort of political capital out of it …


I don’t know.


Do you?

September 12, 2008

Giving Wentworth Miller a Run for his Money

First …





Second …


An interesting small story has been making its way through the radio news channels this week.  It involves a meal of posho (pap, ugali), 150,000 shillings and the escape of 10 gun trafficking suspects in Soroti.


Here’s a short chronology.


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