On Thursday night, my old schoolmate, Sheila Isingoma (nee Kanyali) was shot three times in the stomach and once in the hand by a gang of six men, as she drove around the corner into her home in Namasuba on Entebbe Road.  After the assault, the thugs sped off by car and motorcycle taking nothing with them.


Sheila, a mother of two beautiful girls, died last night.


Sheila turned 33 on September 8th, four days before she was killed.


No one knows why she was attacked and shot at.  No one knows why she was the target of such a heinous crime.  As far as her family and friends are concerned, Sheila had no enemies.  She minded her own business, did a good job at Faulu Uganda and raised her family in the fear of God.


Everyday acts of senseless violence are meted out on Ugandans of all ages, classes and tribes.  The police seem almost powerless to protect citizens from harm.  The legal system struggles to find justice for those in need.


It’s an unjust, warped world with a morbid sense of humor that I don’t understand.


I can only pray for comfort and peace for Pius and the children as they question the cruelty of a world that took away such a young, loving wife and mother.


Rest in peace, Sheila.  Rest in peace.


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21 Comments to “Despair”

  1. this is very sad. praying with you.
    scary times we are living in.

  2. that is really tight for the family… said a prayer for the family…

  3. Another senseless death.

    May her soul Rest In Peace.

  4. sheila was my cousin, i was in shock when i heard the news. i pray that God continues to encourage her husband and two little girls. may her soul rest in peace.

  5. Sheila was ma cousin and whoever did this i dont really want to judge but they shud repent and change their lives or else they r headed straight for HELL. how cud they leave those girls without a mother. they r so hurtless and don’t know what they have caused to those that know her.
    may her soul rest in eternal peace.

  6. thats shocking n scary.may she Rest in peace.

  7. we are always standing in harm’s way. there’s no escape. the only way is to know the Truth. those who know the Truth have nothing to fear or get worried about when they suddenly die. for to go to be with the LORD is the best thing that can happen to anyone. sheila’s death reminds me. 2pac shakur died today 12 years ago. before his death the gangsta rapper is said to have said he felt he had done a lot of good and was going to heaven. in his song, ‘until the end of time’, released five years after his death, he asks God to forgive him his life of sin. we must also not forget that he had a tattoo on his back that read: exodus 18: 11 –now i know the LORD is greater than all the gods… is it possible then that when i finally pass on i’ll meet the g in heaven? an interesting thought.

  8. Dude 2pac is very alive. He’s chillin in Havana.

    Tumwi sorry about yr loss

  9. :(

    It’s CRAZY!

    Obviously someone had something against her and ordered a hit since it wasn’t so random.

    It SUCKS!!!

  10. RIP Sheila.

    May family and friends find comfort in the Lord at this most trying of times.

  11. These sad days don’t end huh!
    may her soul rest in peace

    and Tumwi, a prayer sometime?

  12. I am in Joburg when I received an sms that my freind and sister was going to be buried. I ran and called every old budonian in Kampala because I thought may be it was a diffrent shiela. Every body confirmed that yes it was our shiela who was shot and was to be buried. I thank God that she was born again and that one day we will all be smiling in heaven.

    Ohhh Shiela, May you rest in Peace.

  13. I followed that story from the time she had been shot and was deeplys saddened when I heard that she had died. I thought that maybe the killing had to do with her auditing work.

  14. A deep sadness for the loss of those who knew her closely.
    Like Mudamuli, my first thought was that it might be linked to work. There’s too much corruption around and those in the middle of it don’t want anyone poking around.

  15. I’m sorry about your painful loss. God comfort you and all the bereaved.

  16. I grew up with the Kanyalis and when I read about Sheila’s death, I was just so in shock. Even when I saw the pic and her name above it in the Sunday Monitor, I still thought she was the one announcing someone else’s death. Its so sad that someone could even think of doing that. I strongly believe too that it was work related. Anyway, I believe she is now with the lord. May her soul rest in peace and may God comfort her friends and family and most especially her dear daughters and hubby.

  17. Like Faith I grew up with the Kanyalis as well. I can not believe Sheila is gone. I just found out today and I am in shock! Sheila was such a gentle spirit and I am sad that someone would mark her so callously. I pray for Pius and the girls. May they be comforted in knowing that she is with Jesus and is looking down on them. It is hard to believe that she is gone.
    Sheila, you will be missed! RIP

  18. Deal all.

    can u imagine that this is the very first time am reading this. All I can say is that thank you for the thoughts and prayers. To personally meet and know you would be the perfect gift that i can give u.

    Am fine and the girls (Arantxa and Hazel) are doing well.

    Best regards.

    Stay well and so long.

    Pius Isingoma

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