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December 31, 2008

A Year of Insomnia



In which a school building collapses, 11 die and no one is prosecuted; I learn that there are no heroes and achievement in bland.



In which Red Red Wine flows through Kampala, I find a treasure and the world forgets.



In which we analyze Achebe, USPA why why(?) and the AU says ‘grrr!’



In which 20 girls die, a Ugandan pig learns how to fly and jazz is my poison

December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas?

Congolese hildren awaiting food distribution in IDPs camp, North Kivu/DRC, December 2008 (photo, WHO DRC)

Congolese children awaiting food distribution in an IDP camp, North Kivu/DRC, December 2008 (photo, WHO DRC)


In your joy, remember sorrow.  In your pleasure, remember pain.  In love, remember heartache. In plenty, remember need.



December 23, 2008


Where, oh where are all the things,

That I thought Christmastime was going to bring?

Last year, I thought, maybe this year I’d see

Love and peace under my Christmas tree.


Where, oh where did that dream go?

I guess it got lost in the deep, deep snow.

I thought, maybe, people would change,

But where we are

Just the same.

~ Where is Christmas? Jan Gassman




It is a double-edged sword, this thing called maturity.  On one hand the experience of growing up gives me the wisdom of hindsight; on the other, the logic that frames this understanding is the death of innocence.


It was easier when I didn’t know.  It was happier.  Perhaps it is true that ignorance is bliss.

December 22, 2008


The breakdown of the Northern Uganda peace talks; increasing household poverty; the laughable political opposition; tolerance for corruption; intolerance of ‘difference’; inefficiencies of the media; rise in crime; appalling road network; oil sector cartels; margin fixing in the banking sector; criminal clerics; my depressing social life …


There are numerous serious issues of the day that I should discuss, but I choose to be fickle.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year (or so I’m told) and I’m determined not to be depressed.


So …


Introducing Faith and Joshua, my beautiful nephew and niece.




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