Why I Blog about Africa, etc



“Home is where you can scratch where it itches.”





Response to meme tags from Jackfruity, Denford and TMS Ruge.



I have admitted on this blog that the only sports I am interested in are sack racing, egg-on-the-spoon and dool.  Pulling out my toe nails with pliers is more enjoyable for me than watching anything that lasts more than 30 seconds and involves training, seriousness and winning.


Still, I’m able to recognize skill and praise progress … when it is repeatedly pointed out to me by others.


uganda-cricketRaise your glasses, calabashes, ajon straws and gammas to congratulate Uganda’s cricket team for its ‘sensational one-run victory over Hong Kong’ in Argentina yesterday.  The win puts Uganda level with Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea on six points and a chance for ICC World Cup qualification.


According to Reuters, Roger Mukasa’s 67 provided the foundation as Uganda made 180 all out although Hong Kong looked set for victory as they needed 21 runs off 27 balls with five wickets in hand.


Despite losing three wickets cheaply, Hong Kong still needed only three runs from the final over until Ronald Ssemanda bowled Zain Abbas then had Jamie Atkinson trapped.  On Friday Uganda face Argentina, Papua New Guinea meet Hong Kong and Afghanistan take on the Cayman Islands.



You thought there was nothing that could beat the strange stories you have heard about the life and times of Idi Amin?  There is more strangeness here …

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8 Comments to “Why I Blog about Africa, etc”

  1. Good on the cricket team even though I understood nothing of what you said.

    “Despite losing three wickets cheaply, Hong Kong still needed only three runs from the final over until Ronald Ssemanda bowled Zain Abbas then had Jamie Atkinson trapped.”


  2. @Dee … copy and paste, baby. Copy and paste. I’m totally clueless as well. I would rather eat chalk than sit through a cricket match.

  3. Lol, was wondering how you knew all that sports stuff,you being anti-serious sport and all. Dool was pretty cool. I wish I could find some dool things and dig holes!
    Go Uganda!!!!

  4. And how could we lose to PNG by 1 run, it hurt-love the game lots, could take u guys to Lugogo, for a briefing on the game- actually i think the cricket game needs some female supporters…and the boys wont be losing any game.


  5. I was going to give Undue props…Cricket is like golf to me.

    And Yes Africa never runs dry if you are a writer

  6. Well in Uganda.
    Normzo i feel yu on the loss to PNG.

    Argentina here we come.

  7. Said cricket team lost the next day after getting my hopes up.

  8. Spor… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (insert intermittent snoring sounds).

    Banange, nga the afro guy is passionate about the Indian guru.

    Oh and since I developed dermatographism (for real!) relieving an itch by scratching is a heavenly sensation in which I can no longer indulge! Sniff!

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