Re-caption This


* From The New Vision, April 22, 2009 

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13 Comments to “Re-caption This”

  1. “Eh Eh Eh but my friend, but why don’t you leave her behind, I will send her to you after a week” Museveni tells Kagame refering to Rose Kabuye.

  2. You can see the chick is like “Shyaa nze, kyoka omanyila”

  3. you blog faster than we can comment…lol @ carsozy.
    Kagame: who spoilt the air?
    Sevo: eehh, ah, ehh (stummers…and stummers some more)..i think its her
    Her: Me? U sure? (smiling peevishly, like deer caught in the headlights..)

  4. Kagzi: Playa, dyu remember this chic…

    Sevo: dawg, i think so… she erm..yeah she….

    Kagzi: playa, she used to hustle with y’all in the Foreign Affairs joint

    Sevo: dawg, my mind is tired… How about we go for a chill… i know this place not far from here, even Rose should remember it

    Kagzi: let me check for the dimez first in my coat pocket, the Mrs always hooks me up when i am coming to Ug!!

  5. B2B,both guys cd b kagzi…but u are too stray..

  6. tee hee hee @ all of you
    …akmost hurt myself, fell off my seat for a second…nobody saw it, I hope :-D

  7. Gave you a Honest Blog award..details here

  8. why’s the link not highlighted as a link?this template…anyway, the ‘here’ is a link

  9. lol Carsozy…

    At first, It almost looked like a death threat and chic was like I’ll give you my heart

  10. M7: You know in Ankole we have a saying “Omwana kwaba….”

    Kagame: I have heard that one before

    Rose: Me too

  11. “You do understand that protocol demands you leave her with me for a week, right?”

  12. “Errr eeehh… allo you, aren’t you the gal who’s supposed to be in prison in Europe?”

    “Who me? A whole Rose Kabuye to remain in prison when Uncle Paul is around?”

    “Hehe Lose, let me show Mzee the papers…I move with them right here in my jacket, everywhere I go.. u know these days of the ICC u never know.. ?”

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