My City, It Is Not

Just the other day I was moaning about cows grazing on the dual carriage road in front of the place where I work. Today, it was a small herd of goats.  


 What’s next?  Sheep?  Ducks? 


Mine is not a city; it’s a kraal!

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8 Comments to “My City, It Is Not”

  1. Socks B2B…onto the reading

  2. Don’t worry, some live with work, at home…and i think i know that place..

  3. oooh i love the views out off of the hills into the distance of urban life and nature in kampala. it’s such a cool city. reminds me of what ancient rome must have looked like, with its seven hills and terracotta roofs…

  4. Do you know that many developed countries use goats and sheep to keep lawns clean? And Google recently adopted the same strategy for their Googleplex lawns?

    PETA’s response: They should get perks.

    I know that’s NOT what Uganda’s aiming for, but still… anyone know any KCC lobbyists?

  5. Hehehehe
    Tumwi, we guys don’t even trip anymore…
    we drive approaching that place real slowly, and when the cows aren’t there, we are all asking…
    Eh, maybe the “muliisa” did not let them loose in time today!!

  6. When you hit guinea fowls, let me know. I have always wanted to find out what they taste like.

  7. the world should know we have naturallawn……..

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