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September 11, 2009


Disturbing reports that security operatives stormed the offices of NBS TV today to ‘edit’ their 8pm bulletin. A source inside NBS says any ‘unsanctioned’ material on the riots in Kampala was discarded.

I’m dying here. Somebody send me confirmation or join the discussion on Twitter –

September 11, 2009

Looking for Alternatives (II)

It takes a crisis to bring Ushahidi to Kampala, but that’s okay.

Report, in real time, any outbreaks of violence in your part of the country at Uganda Witness.

Also, keep blogging, Facebooking, tweeting #Kampala and anything else. Let’s battle through these issues and restore sanity to this country … if we can.

September 11, 2009

Looking for Alternatives

For minute-by-minute citizen reports on the Kampala riots, go to the Twitter sites #Kampala and #Uganda.

September 11, 2009

Doing CBS FM a Disservice

pullhairIf ever you needed proof that the broadcast media in Uganda is out of touch with reality, go on; turn on your radio.

Teargas canisters are still flying over the city, traders are overwhelmed with the loss, taxis are charging exorbitant prices for trips into the city, woman killed in Kyengera early this morning, fighting in Kasubi and Nateete, Masaka Road blocked off, CBS Radio is still off air …

What do the TVs do? Broadcast CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC and France-24. A boring sermon by a televangelist on whether or not to spank your children. A ridiculously long news piece on why the Electoral Commission chose UBC as the most appropriate media house to partner with in civic education. Only after 10:30 does WBS TV start its ‘live’ reports.


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