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April 29, 2012

“We The People” South Sudan Style

Outside the wall of a payam office in Hai Thoura Quarter, Juba.

April 29, 2012

Rumor City, South Sudan

Matthew 24:6

And ye will hear of war and rumors of war …

Talks that are not talks at all. The fear about a conflict so far from my reality, but so near. The military ever present on the sidelines; always present in our presence.

Rumor City, South Sudan:

  • The coup attempt on was Kiir really real; wasn’t it?
  • The SPLA violently conscripting young impressionable men in the countryside.
  • Sudan isn’t acting alone, but with the help of greedy oil companies in Asia.
  • Kiir’s visit to China a negotiation of a new arms deal.
  • Has the AU been bought to distance itself from South Sudan’s cause?
  • Is the road to the airport arbitrarily closed off throughout the day to prevent the public from seeing the return of dozens of dead soldiers from the border?
  • Did the town officials in Malakal turn a blind eye to the invasion of their territory by SAF on Friday night?
  • The cabinet too sharply divided over the “withdrawal” from Heglig to come to a meaningful resolution … that’s what I heard …

Hail Juba, Rumor City!


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