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July 22, 2009

Are They Closing In?

Mobile phone users will soon have to register their personal details if they are to remain connected.

Companies providing mobile phone services were on Tuesday given six months to register the details of their subscribers as the government moved to deter criminals from using their gadgets for illegal activities.

Those who will not have complied with the directive when the deadline expires will have their telephone lines disabled under the directive issued by President Kibaki on Monday night in a speech read for him by Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka at a ceremony to commemorate the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) 10th anniversary and ICT Expo at the Carnivore Hotel in Nairobi.

Kenya has 17.6 million mobile phone users. Once they are registered, the information will be kept under CCK’s custody.

The new regulation comes in the face of an upsurge in sophisticated crimes and a series of abductions after which the kidnappers demand ransom through mobile phone calls and text messages.

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Is it Big Brother season already?

May 27, 2008

East Africa through the Media

Load shedding, land grabbing, corruption, regress, progress, political intrigue, joy and sadness; these are the issues highlighted today in the headlines of newspapers across the East African Community.  Of course the region is not unique in regard to these matters, but still I wonder if life doesn’t get any better on the Third Rock from the Sun.




ICTR prosecution seeks life sentence for musician

The prosecution team in the trial of famous Rwandan musician has asked the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) to imprison him for life, the highest punishment that the court can pass. Simon Bikindi, a former civil servant in the Ministry of Youth and Culture and the director of Irindiro ballet, is accused of using his songs to incite genocide. (more…)





South African attacks: Tanzanian fugitives reach 98

THE Government has said that no Tanzanian was killed in South Africa following assaults and killings that erupted in that country over the past fortnight. According to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Mr. Bernard Membe, the official number of those who claim to be Tanzanians and have reported to Central Johannesburg Police Station has now reached 98.  (more…)



Zanzibaris to grope in darkness for at least 3 weeks

Zanzibaris should brace for at least three weeks of total blackout, as efforts to immediately restore a sub-marine cable supplying power from Tanzania Mainland that blew up last week have stopped, authorities confirmed yesterday.  A team of experts from the Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (Zeco) and Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) carrying out the maintenance said yesterday Zanzibar President Amani Abeid Karume had advised the team to suspend the exercise until experts from Norway, who would be coming after weeks, arrived.  (more…)




Military on high alert over 5-hour blackout

The five-hour power blackout that plunged the country into darkness on Sunday night may have caused more panic across the country than the Government is willing to admit. Last evening, a parliamentary committee summoned Energy minister, Mr. Kiraitu Murungi, to explain the matter, even as information indicated that all security forces had been put on high alert to deal with any eventuality.  (more…



Mungiki boss: Why I want to talk to Raila

Jailed Mungiki leader Maina Njenga is now demanding direct talks with Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He dismisses as “a waste of time” the secret consultations he had previously been holding with alleged emissaries from the Office of the President and Mr. Odinga.  And to make sure the demands of Mungiki get the legal backing even as he serves his five-year jail term, Njenga has asked former Kabete MP Paul Muite to act for him.  (more…)




More than 80 university students imprisoned in Bujumbura mayorship police custodies

Since the 14th May 2008, 85 university students from the public institutions such as the University of Burundi, the Superior training School and the Public National Health Institute have been jailed in different police custodies of the Bujumbura mayorship.  Most of those students were arrested by the police during the demonstration on the 14th May 2008 which called on all students of the three public institutions to enter a three-week strike.  (more…)




Tinyefuza wants Sebaggala’s house

Kampala City Council may lose its multi-billion official mayoral residence in Kololo, following a directive from Local Government Minister Maj. Gen. Kahinda Otafiire urging the town clerk to hand over the house on Plot 2, Mabua Road to national intelligence coordinator, Gen David Tinyefuza.  Minister Otafiire, in a March 26, 2008 letter to Town Clerk Ruth Kijjambu said the house is required for “security reasons” and gave no further details about its intended use.  (more…)



Over 1,000 new teachers hired

The Education Service Commission has appointed 1,148 teachers for secondary schools in hard-to-reach areas and under the double-shift programme. The list was released yesterday, as the new school term opened. Teachers jammed the ministry’s corridors to check for their names. Interviews for candidates had been held between January and April this year.




December 29, 2007

29/12/2007, 1400 hrs. C’mon Kivuitu, Declare Already!


Even with all our inefficiencies vote counting in Uganda doesn’t take this long. Sheesh!


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