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November 16, 2007

Surviving the Stranglehold


BBC African Perspective yesterday broadcast an interesting discussion that I would like to continue on this blog.  The crux of the discussion was the rising cost of living in Africa and the (in)ability of people to live comfortably within their means.   

Take Uganda as an example.  Fuel prices have nearly doubled in the past year and the cost of essentials like soap, salt, sugar, flour and oil is on the rise.  Electricity has increased, water has increased and bus, taxi and bodaboda fares have increased.  Inflation is also on the rise, the shilling is unstable and the economy isn’t growing as fast as it did a decade ago. 

On the other hand, new housing estates are mushrooming all over Greater Kampala, the road network is unable to support the hundreds of cars imported into the country every month. The Ugandan middle class is growing and more young professionals can afford to go abroad on holiday at least once a year. 

So … what do you think?   

How are you able to live on your salary every month? 

Do you supplement it by moonlighting, investing in the stock exchange or running a business?

Are you merely a product of your nations with large debt and insurmountable balance of payment problems? 

Are there ‘easy’ ways to survive this economic stranglehold?

Is the prosperity of your country merely superficial with an inevitable crash in the near future?


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